Carol Watkins (left) and Rebecca Rettenmund (right)
on Carol’s rural Wisconsin farm.


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“To me, putting down a clean,
sure, expressive line
is pure joy”.

Carol Watkins

e want you to meet the talented artists that have made the Wilderness Woods line possible. Since 1987, Carol and Rebecca have designed and created nearly 200 original illustrations that are used to adorn our products.

Both are Wisconsin natives, yet each artist has also spent time honing their skills beyond the Dairy State. Carol lived in Chicago after college to pursue a career in fashion design. Rebecca has spent the last six years in Seattle as a 2-D game artist. Both have now returned to their native Wisconsin roots.

Carol and Rebecca have each developed a confident, and naturalistic illustration style. Their work exhibits a conscious use of line weight and value which lends itself well to the laser engraving technique.

We are very proud to present their original
illustrations on our product line.